Thanet Volunteer Drivers Scheme

Thanet Volunteer Drivers Scheme

John, DriverHow do I use the scheme?

To join the scheme you will need to fill out a form with your name, address, telephone number, etc, and whether you need a hand or require a wheelchair.

When you want to arrange a journey you will need to phone us during office hours. We will need to know that you are a member, your name and phone number, where you would like to go and the date and time of your appointment. To avoid confusion we do ask that you book with us here at the office rather than with the volunteer driver. We will ask that you give two or three days notice when booking and also should you need to cancel a journey that you give us adequate time to contact the relevant driver. If we are unable to take you for whatever reason we will contact you.

Who is it there for?

The scheme is for people who find it difficult to use public transport. It’s aimed at getting people to essential medical appointments, such as doctors, hospitals, dentists, chiropodists, opticians, etc. Although these essential visits are our main priority, if resources allow, trips to day centres or social trips may also be possible. For people with a medical need, your doctor can order free patient transport in a sitting ambulance.

You will not be charged for waiting time if the driver, having taken you somewhere, has to wait for you (up to 1 hour). If you need longer, then the driver will leave you and make a second journey to collect you, which you will need to pay for.

The Costs

To use the scheme you must pay an annual membership fee of £15 towards administration costs and phone calls.

When you book a journey you will need to pay for the drivers mileage at a rate of 45p per mile. We always try to use drivers who live near to you to keep costs to a minimum.

For more information

Give us a call on 01843 609334 to talk about joining up, booking a driver or even expressing an interest in becoming a volunteer driver.